About Us

Our staff has a combined 37 years-plus industry experience. We've done everything from washing and detailing, to delivering, servicing, financing, and insurance. We've done it all and we still do!

Through our commitment, experience, and expertise, EverGreen RV has established a business relationship with our customers that will last a lifetime!

What We Do

We are Broker/Sellers of top-quality RVs for private owners. We find sellers who are looking to sell their privately owned RV, and buyers who are looking to purchase quality, late-model RVs, and bring them together more efficiently than placing ads and traveling all over the place.

As a seller, your RV is in a location that is convenient for buyers because they can come to one place to see a variety of models. Even if they weren't initially looking for your type of unit, it might turn out to be just what they wanted. You don't get that with a private ad to come to your house.

As a buyer, you save travel time and all the uncertainties of pre-owned RVs. We only handle quality units that are inspected and trust worthy.

It's a win for both parties!